Hunt at Ozark Wings

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Hunt Packages

These packages are for one hunter for one half day. Two packages can be combined for an all day hunt for one hunter. Please see additional costs below to customize your trip with lunch, guide, dogs and extra services.

 Package Name Pheasant Quail Chukar Cost
Ultimate Combo 4 8 6 $225
Combo  2 8 3 $149
Ultimate Pheasant 12 $225
Pheasant 6 6 $120
Pheasant 8 8 $149
Pheasant/Chukar Combo 4 6 $149
Chukar 12 12 $149
Chukar 8 8 $100
Pheasant/Quail Combo 2 8 $120
Chukar/Quail Combo 8 3 $120
Quail 10 10


Quail 15 15 $145

 We offer $5 off per hunt on our Quail 10 package and Chukar 8 package if 5 or more hunts are booked per year.


Additional Costs:

Lunch Add to Basic Package Hunt $10 each
Guide & Dogs Add to Basic Package Hunt $100 per hunt, for up to 4 hunters
Additional Birds: Bobwhite Quail $10.00  each
Chukar Partridge $15.00 each
Ringneck Pheasant $20.00 each
Bird Cleaning: Whole Quail or Chukar $2.00 each
Whole Pheasant $2.50 each
Quail or Chukar Breast
$1.00 each

Pheasant Breast

$1.50 each



Combo Packages

Continental Pheasant Shoot

Continental shoots can accomodate 10-20 shooters. The course is in the middle of our hunting preserve, surrounded by milo, millet, corn, and soybean fields. The tower is hidden in a grove of trees along the banks of a small creek and pond. Pheasants are released from the tower. In a circle surrounding the tower, we set up 10 shooting stations. The pheasant will be flying high and at least 45 mph as it soars over the shooting station. DO NOT THINK THIS IS EASY. The birds will have all the advantages and you will have plenty of shooting opportunities. All hunters will rotate to shoot an equal amount from each stand. Trained dogs and handlers will find and retrieve downed birds. All birds will be dressed and divided among your group. This hunt comes with a noon meal. These hunts are very exciting and are great for your business outings, church groups, or Christmas getaways for those special friends, employees, and customers.

10 Pheasants / person shoot $295.00 *minimum of 15 hunters required
15 Pheasants / person shoot $349.00
20 Pheasants / person shoot $449.00



Hunt Requirements:

  1. For hunter safety, shot size is limited to 6 to 8 size shot, NO HIGH BRASS DUCK LOAD SHELLS. High Brass Field Loads are acceptable.
  2. All hunters must wear some orange.