Hunt at Ozark Wings

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Hunt Packages

These packages are for one hunter for one half day. Two packages can be combined for an all day hunt for one hunter. Please see additional costs below to customize your trip with lunch, guide, dogs and extra services.

**Shotgun shells are available to purchase on site.**

 Package Name Pheasant Quail Chukar Price
Ultimate Combo 4 8 6 $250
Combo  2 8 3 $165
Ultimate Pheasant 12 $250
Pheasant 6 6 $125
Pheasant 8 8 $170
Pheasant/Chukar Combo 4 6 $180
Chukar 12 12 $180
Chukar 8 8 $120
Pheasant/Quail Combo 2 8 $125
Chukar/Quail Combo 8 3 $125
Quail 10 10


Quail 15 15 $150


Continental Hunts

 10 birds $329 15 person minimum
 15 birds $395 10 person minimum
 20 birds $495 10 person minimum


Additional Costs:

Lunch Add to Basic Package Hunt $10 each
Guide & Dogs Add to Basic Package Hunt $125 per hunt, for up to 4 hunters
Additional Birds: Bobwhite Quail $10.00  each
Chukar Partridge $15.00 each
Ringneck Pheasant $20.00 each
Bird Cleaning: Whole Quail or Chukar $2.00 each
Whole Pheasant $2.50 each
Quail or Chukar Breast
$1.00 each

Pheasant Breast

$1.50 each


Hunt Requirements:

  1. For hunter safety, shot size is limited to 6 to 8 size shot, NO HIGH BRASS DUCK LOAD SHELLS. High Brass Field Loads are acceptable. Shells are also available for purchase on-site.
  2. All hunters must wear some orange. 

 Guided Hunts  -  Our guided hunts include the services of a guide with 2-3 trained gundogs to make your hunt a very enjoyable experience. We keep over 16 fully trained gundogs at all times. Our guides work full time and are the best in the business.  All have been with us for at least 8-10 years with some longer.  Our hunters tell us that they are the best they have ever hunted with. A top guide with top gundogs and quality birds make for a hunt of a lifetime.  Book yours today.  90% of our hunts are repeat hunters.